About us

Risetime was founded by a group of committed and experienced semiconductor industry professionals with a goal to provide end to end design and engineering services. Founding members have in depth knowledge and decades of experience in Custom Layout Design, ASIC Design, RTL Design, Verification,  post silicon validation, physical Design, DFT, FPGA Emulation,  Board Design, Analog & Mixed Signal Design and Embedded Software services etc. Since inception the team has been working with various companies in the eco system on engineering services, technology solutions and product development.   Experienced technical leads and proactive management ensures our engineers and processes are up to date and ready to work on any complex projects....Read more

Our Services

ASIC Design & Verification:

Last decade has been a very exciting for anybody working in semiconductor. Consumer expectations coupled with low product lifecycle time demand optimal processes that can be executed with
lowest possible cost and fastest time-to-market. ...Read more

Physical Design

Risetime physical design team comes with considerable execution expertise on complex SoC designs, latest tech nodes & industry standard methodologies. Our engineers are experienced to work on quick production and
fabrication cycles. ...Read more

Custom Analog Circuit & Layout Design

Risetime provides Backend Design Services which include Analog & mixed signal circuit design , Custom Layout , package design and PCB design Our engineers are well versed with industry standard tools and technologies ...Read more

Embedded Systems

Risetime can be your partner to develop solutions for embedded product engineering and development. Embedded systems and software are driving the all aspects of modern life and there is hardly any sector that doesn’t have electronics footprint these days. ...Read more

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