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About Us

Who We Are

Risetime was founded by a group of committed and experienced semiconductor industry professionals with a goal to provide end to end design and engineering services. Founding members have in depth knowledge and decades of experience in Custom Layout Design, ASIC Design, RTL Design, Verification,  post silicon validation, Physical Design, DFT, FPGA Emulation,  Board Design, Analog & Mixed Signal Design and Embedded Software services etc. Since inception the team has been working with various companies in the eco system on engineering services, technology solutions and product development.


Experienced technical leads and proactive management ensures our engineers and processes are up to date and ready to work on any complex projects.

The company is built on back of high quality technical team with a great track record and follow strict corporate values and code of conduct.


 To stand out as a leading services company that can provide end to end solutions in semiconductor industry, i.e concept to silicon.



 To be a successful product development company which is capable of providing spec to consumer level product with highest level of quality to automotive, industrial/consumer electronics, storage and telecom verticals.